Tachogenerators from Radio Energie, Otis, Thyssenkrupp, Kone and Schindler


A tachogenerator gauges the speed of rotation of a shaft or disk (from Greek: tachos = speed, metron = measure) as in a motor or other machine. The device usually displays the rate of revolutions per minute (rpm) on a calibrated analogue dial.

The DC motor speed is continually adjusted by the controller according to the speed measured by the tachogenerator. The tachogenerator transforms the motor speed into voltage so that the comparator may check and adjust if there’s a difference between the setting speed and...

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Tachogenerators with rare earth magnets, due to their higher energy compared to ALNICO-magnets, have a shorter time constant, assuring better performances in a closed loop process where a minimum lapse of response time is necessary.

Tachogenerator manufactures normally apply a magnetic calibration of the magnets and can achieve a calibration precision for standard products of +/– 1% to +/- 2% depending on the manufacture and product model.

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Radio Energie Tachogenerators REO444,RE0444 from Transdrive


These tachogenerators all have a wound stator. The voltage and the frequency are both proportional to the speed. These models can also be used as power generators, but their quality intends them for applications of controlling a drive. The absence of contact (rings and brushes) gives these generators a...

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  • Construction cranes
  • Container gantry cranes (for loading and unloading cargo ships)
  • Harbour cranes (Very Large Cranes)
  • Floating cranes
  • Semi-automatic gantry cranes
  • Ship cranes PSL (Parallel Side Loaders)
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